AEA was formed to advance the professional, economic and social interests of all Engineers regardless of field of practice or employment status, while at the same time defending the safety and interests of the Public.
AEA aims to unify the Engineering Profession so that it can speak with one voice. To date, no Engineering organization has been able to do that. AEA intends to galvanize the Engineers of this country into concerted actions so that we, as a united profession, can address the serious problems that affect all of us.
There are approximately 3 Million Engineers in the U.S. If we can mobilize them into one organization, AEA, which will be the standard bearer for the Engineering Profession, there can be no doubt that we will achieve our objectives. The Engineering Profession can literally transform itself in a short time, once we achieve unity.
Do we need yet another Engineering Society? Yes! If any of the long standing Societies had achieved the goal of significant economic and social benefit for Engineers, there would be no reason for the AEA. more



Board Meeting Tuesday, Apr 1st 4:30pm Manhattan.





Feb 27, 2014 - AEA attended the annual meeting of New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) which is the regional Metropolitan Planning Organization and presented the smooth street initiative, how this is more efficient use of tax payer money and how this can be financed.  

AEA is currently reviewing inappropriate advertizing for high level engineering positions within city and state governments that do not require PE licensor and thereby jeopardizing public safety.  



AEA ON YOUR SIDE - Recent Accomplishments


The American Engineering Alliance hosted our Professional and Social Event in February 22, 2011 at Columbia University.  The event’s theme is “Preparing Our Students to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century” by keynote speaker, Richard Weingardt, P.E. who brought many years of experience, knowledge and insight to students on this issue.   Following was a panel of distinguished Engineering Professionals from academia, government and private sector to discuss the real-world challenges facing the engineering profession, opportunities available in today's marketplace, and how students can prepare to enter the workforce


AEA held our Professional and Social event March 5, 2009 in the Great Hall at Cooper Union in Manhattan including members from academia (students and professors), government and the private sector. Frank Lombardi, P.E., Chief Engineer - Port Authority of New York and New Jersey gave inspiring presentation on the Future of the Profession: Challenges and Opportunities and the crucial role Engineers play in Society. This was followed with a panel discussion on challenges facing Our Profession. The successful night closed with an action plan - to ensure student Engineers are ready for challenges and opportunities of the future.


AEA attended the Transportation Policy and Management Forum at the NYU Wagner Rudin Center: Financing the Region's Transportation Needs on June 4, 2008. This forum explored funding alternative for maintaining, improving and expanding the regional transportation system.


On August 6, 2007 Sal Galletta participated in a press conference at City Hall in New York City concerning the issue of Infrastructure and the role Engineers play in the maintenance and delivery of infrastructure projects. Sal again reiterated the critical need for management of the nation's infrastructure assets by licensed technical professionals.

A copy of his full statement at this event can be found by clicking here or by going to the Action Items, Press Release section of the website. Coverage of this press conference by NY1 News can be found clicking here

On July 11, 2007, Sal Galletta presented to members of the New York City Council recent developments in promoting New York City Deputy Mayor for Infrastructure (see NYC Infrastructure Proposal under Action Update). Discussed was the lack of constituency for maintaining bridges, water infrastructure and roads and that the infrastructure of the City is now run by the budget office instead of an Engineering office. Also discussed was that the Deputy Mayor for Infrastructure could be tied to the Mayor’s 2030 plan. The plan contains three major areas: 1) maintaining the City’s infrastructure 2) providing housing and 3) embracing principles of sustainability.



For those in the Profession who are either experiencing an Ethical dilemma at their place of employment concerning information that you reasonably believe reveals one of the following:

· A violation of a law, rule, or regulation

· A specific danger to employees and/or to public health or safety

· Fraud, gross mismanagement, gross waste of funds, or abuse of authority

If you are attempting to make something right that in your professional opinion is being ignored by improper organizational mismanagement, you may want to discuss the issue with one of the contacts in the following link and get an outside second opinion.




The American Engineering Alliance (AEA) was incorporated in New York on December 11, 1995. The AEA was formed in response to a need. The Engineering Profession has been on a downward spiral since the heydays of the 70's when there was an abundance of Engineering projects.  Because of the great demand for Engineering services, salaries and fees were adequate at that time. In recent years, however, globalization and the trend toward downsizing and outsourcing have taken a severe toll on our Profession. The Engineering Profession is completely at the mercy of market forces over which Engineers have no control. We are ruled by the law of supply and demand, and subject to the ruthless competitive forces that govern the marketplace for Engineering services. more